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  • People also askIs kal'tsit a medic?In exchange, Kal'tsit has a slightly lower ATK than other Medical Medics, but has higher HP and DEF. Despite being a Medic, Kal'tsit is not meant to support her allies, but rather to take the fight to the enemy by summoning Mon3tr as her first talent.

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    arknights.fandom/wiki/Kal%27tsit/OverviewIs kal'tsit available in arknights?Kal'tsit was available as an Operator in the closed beta test of Arknights where she was mostly identical to how she currently functions, but with the following major differences: The unique range of 3×5 tiles that Kal'tsit possesses was available immediately from Elite 1, instead of Elite 2.

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    arknights.fandom/wiki/Kal%27tsit/TriviaWhere does kal'tsit come from?Rhodes Island Medical Department Officer-in-Charge, Kal'tsit. She comes from the past. She belongs to the present. Operator can only be obtained through Headhunting (Gacha). Kal'tsit's Token An unusual pocket watch, of a format never before seen in any country. Engraved on it are four dates across as many years, as well as a few crooked letters.

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    gamepress.gg/arknights/operator/kaltsitIs kal'tsit worth it?The answer is, of course, DEFINITELY YES. Not even taking into account the banner she's coming with, Kal'tsit kit is absolutely loaded with skills that make her a prominent option in almost every single piece of content this game has to offer.

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